100% NATURAL Cruelty Free


At Saplaya Skincare, you will find all natural & cruelty free products. We proudly took care of our ingredients as well as our products quality. It's for all kind of skin types even for extremely sensitive skin type. We bring you products that provides result you can see. 

Make in South Korea

Origin or Skin Care

South Korea is well known for manufacturing the best quality Skincare products all over the world. The history of skincare in Korea has developed for the past 500 years with ancient and ancestral ingredients mixed with the modern days techniques.

Affordable Skincare

Bring the spa Home

Hydrate, restore and replenish your skin at affordable pricing. We pride ourselves in creating the best quality products at consumer friendly pricing.

Bring the spa home to you. Use our at home skin care regimen to replace your spa trips. Save money and get the same results.


Before going to sleep, vaporize a few drops of essential oils into your room. It will help relaxing your body and mind.